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Taking Your Time: Expanding Long-Term Visual Projects
November 27, 2019
Moises Saman and Paul Moakley lead a workshop exploring the production, editing and publishing of long-term multimedia projects.

Do you have a photography project you’ve been working on for years or are you about to embark on one? How do you find support to sustain the work? How do you pitch your long-term projects in the editorial market? How do you expand a photographic project into multimedia?

Hear directly about the experiences of long-term collaborators for a weekend workshop with Magnum photographer Moises Saman and TIME Magazine’s special projects editor-at-large, Paul Moakley.

Saman will share his experiences making award winning projects and excerpts of his new book on Iraq.

"Iraq has defined my career as a photojournalist. I began working there just before the 2003 US invasion as a newspaper photographer and have continued to work across the country almost every year since. My work has covered the US occupation and withdrawal, displacement, ethnic cleansing and other human rights and humanitarian crises, governance issues, the rise and fall of ISIS, and more. However, my intention with this book is not to present a journalistic or historical account of post-Saddam Iraq. Rather, I want to present a more conceptual account, one that captures the cacophony of voices that have shaped the narrative of what is arguably the defining war of our generation.”- Moises Saman

Moakley will share the ideas that have shaped numerous award-winning projects he’s co-produced at Time including the Emmy award winning multi-platform projects: 9/11: Portraits of Resilience, 100 Photographs: The Most Influential images of all Time and The Opioid Diaries.

Saman and Moakley will discuss their creative relationship and how it has evolved over the years, from photographer and editor to producer and director. They will discuss the challenges of expanding from stills to video and offer advice on how to film and interview, tips for editing dialogue, to creating transitions for films, building your production team.

Topics covered during this workshop:
• Developing your personal project and building a strong narrative
• Adapting your photographic narrative for film and multimedia
• Collaborating with film director, film editor, and cinematographer
• Tailoring your work for film platforms
• Pitching your narrative to the media
• The relevance of visual storytelling in the social and digital space

Free. See How to Apply for further details.

Eligibility for Photographers:
Photographers should be developing a personal project with a documentary or conceptual approach and have an interest in learning how to adapt parts of it to film/video.

How to Apply:
Please apply via Mana Contemporary using this link.

Application requirements:
1. Project Statement: (max 500 words) What is your project about?
2. Project Intention: (max 500 words) What do you intend to do with this body of work? (For example. community engagement, an exhibition, a film, multimedia piece, inclusion within live performance, etc.)
3. Up to a maximum of 10 images sized (1024w x 768h)

All applications will be reviewed by Magnum Education Staff, Moises Saman and Paul Moakley. Applicants will be notified one month prior to the workshop.

Proposed Schedule:
February 7th: Opening evening discussion with Moises Saman and Paul Moakley, followed by a reception (Manhattan)
February 8th: 9:00am - 6pm on site at Mana Contemporary for a Workshop with Moises Saman and Paul Moakley (Jersey City)
February 9th: 9:00am - 6pm on site at Mana Contemporary for a Workshop with Moises Saman and Paul Moakley (Jersey City)