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Portfolio - Portfolios (By Photographer)
As well as creating a huge archive of pictures over the last 70 years, the current roster of Magnum Photographers are still very active shooting assignments and New Content. This commercial section of the website showcases work by some of the photographers who are very much available for Commercial commissions. Magnum Photographers are the original and best visual storytellers….so if your brand has a story to tell, please get in touch.

Portfolio - Christopher Anderson Overview

Christopher Anderson

Album: 76 images
Portfolio - Steve McCurry Overview

Steve McCurry 2015

Album: 21 images
Portfolio - Jim Goldberg Overview

Jim Goldberg

Album: 65 images
Portfolio - Alex Majoli Overview

Alex Majoli

Album: 67 images
Portfolio - Olivia Arthur Overview

Olivia Arthur

Album: 56 images
Portfolio - Jonas Bendiksen Overview

Jonas Bendiksen 2015

Album: 47 images
Portfolio - Harry Gruyaert Overview

Harry Gruyaert

Album: 70 images
Portfolio - Alessandra Sanguinetti

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Album: 50 images
Portfolio - Alec Soth Overview

Alec Soth

Album: 27 images
Portfolio - Paolo Pellegrin Overview

Paolo Pellegrin

Album: 46 images
Archive - Moises Saman Overview

Moises Saman 2014

Album: 19 images
Portfolio - Alex Webb Overview

Alex Webb

Album: 18 images
Portfolio - Gueorgui Pinkhassov Overview

Gueorgui Pinkhassov 2014

Album: 29 images
Portfolio - Martin Parr Overview

Martin Parr 2015

Album: 46 images
Portfolio - Mark Power Overview

Mark Power 2015

Album: 36 images
Portfolio - Jerome Sessini Overview

Jerome Sessini

Album: 37 images
Portfolio - Peter Van Agtmael Overview

Peter van Agtmael

Album: 35 images
Portfolio - David Alan Harvey Overview

David Alan Harvey

Album: 30 images
Portfolio - Jacob Aue Sobol Overview

Jacob Aue Sobol

Album: 20 images
Portfolio - Stuart Franklin Overview

Stuart Franklin

Album: 25 images
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